Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will stand as a testament to the remarkable life and enduring legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States. The library and museum will be located in the historic town of Medora, amid North Dakota’s infamous Badlands. The Library will provide visitors an opportunity to reflect on Roosevelt’s astounding accomplishments and formidable spirit, while simultaneously celebrating the iconic landscape that profoundly shaped and influenced his character.

The Library will be centered around the three core values that capture Roosevelt’s private and personal life, his legacy as both a man and President: Conservation, Leadership, and Citizenship. Organized around these pillar principles, the Library will honor Roosevelt’s love of nature and the outdoors, steadfast commitment to matters of preservation, outstanding leadership as both a scholar and public servant, and unwavering moral character, his honesty, decency, and courage.

Following on initial visioning work conducted by D.R. Horne & Co., the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation engaged The Working Group to create and implement their vision for the Library. The Library’s building and facilities will be thoughtfully constructed to stand as an unforgettable architectural structure, intrinsically intertwined with the area’s astonishing natural landscape. Moreover, the Library will be a dynamic, active experience, comprised of interpretive and participatory exhibits and programs, to intently enrapture the visitors’ attention and engagement. TWG recently completed the organization and management of an international competition to select a design architect for the project, with Snøhetta ultimately being selected as the winning candidate.  TWG has continued to build the consultant team, including completing searches for interpretive designer, local architect of record, construction manager and other design consultants, and has initiated an operational and business planning framework on behalf of the Foundation. 

Once completed, the Library will prevail as an outstanding destination for education, reflection, and adventure – a true tribute to the great man who inspired, and continues to inspire, so many.

  • Visioning and Conceptual Master Planning
  • Management of an International Competition for Design Architecture
  • Facilities and Operational Planning 
  • Development Management 
  • Design and Project Management 

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